Guzzlers by size

Rainmaker Wildlife water guzzlers are simple gravity fed catchments systems that gather rain and snow that is stored in the reservoir tank. Since a float-valve is not utilized for water control, these guzzlers are simple to maintain, dependable and freeze tolerant. They are designed to comply with NRCS, FSA, state and federal wildlife habitat improvement programs.  CRP. CSP, EQIP and WHIP are but a few.

Dome-Top 1000 Gallon Guzzler

Best Use: Deer, Bighorn Sheep & Upland Bird

Our unique Walk-in style guzzler includes reinforced steps for large animals to give larger animals solid footing and a gentle 28 degree ramp for upland bird and small animals. Made of premium cross-link polyethylene to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh, freezing conditions. Install Above-Ground or In-Ground.

Dome-Top 1000

Walk-In Drinker (Scalable Capacity)

Large Capacity Drinker for Elk, Bighorn Sheep, and All Animals.

This new Walk-in Drinker feeds off of storage tanks to create a high capacity watering system for herds of elk, bighorn sheep and all animals.  This system is scalable but generally has a 5,000 to 25,000 gallons of capacity.


Full-Ramp 500 Gallon Guzzler

The Full-Ramp Guzzler is durable, affordable and a good choice for CRP programs. The wide, diamond textured, 26 degree ramp is designed to give upland birds easy access in and out of the drinker. If you want to specifically provide water to upland bird, this model guzzler provides the greatest benefit.

Dome-Top 500 Gallon Guzzler

Best Use: Deer and Upland Bird

Make water available at ground level to both deer and small animals with our Dome-Top Guzzler. Deer can drink directly from the open trough, and the built-in ramp gives small animals and birds easy access in and out of the drinker. Commonly used in CRP programs where deer and upland bird are the focus.

Low-Pro 210

Low-Pro 210 Gallon Guzzler

Best Use: Deer, Upland Bird, and Small Animals. 

The Low-Pro guzzler provides a 210 gallon, above-ground water source for animals at a 16" height. It's perfect for placing in clearings or field where you would prefer to provide water that does not require an in-ground installation.  

The drinking area for animals measures 15" x 32 and is 15" deep. Deer and medium-size animals can easily drink over the edge. Smaller animals can use the built-in ramp for easy access and escape.  85% of the tank remains covered to minimize evaporation and keep the water clean.