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non-toxic, long-lasting, wildlife water containers

Water Guzzlers, Troughs, Drinkers & Escape Ramps


Wildlife Water Solutions

Rainmaker Wildlife’s products provide a supplementary source of water for wildlife and domestic animals. Made of durable polyethylene with UV inhibitors, these products are designed to provide years of reliable service. Our guzzlers, drinkers, and water catchment systems are made of durable, food grade materials, are easy to handle, and simple to transport and install.

Guzzlers - Rainwater Collection Systems

Guzzlers are systems that catch and store water from rain and snow to be utilized by wildlife in dry periods. These supplemental water catchment can help keep wildlife healthy and in the area. Rainmaker Wildlife produces durable, dependable guzzlers and drinkers to help wildlife thrive throughout the year, especially during the hot months.

Dome-Top 1000
Low-Pro 210


Drinkers & Troughs - Plumbed Water Systems

Drinkers and troughs are usually connected to water line or storage tank to provide a consistent water source for wildlife and domestic animals.   The float-valve system is located under the built-in escape ramp to protect it from curious animals and light freezes.   Multiple units can be connected together in series. 

Drinker 310


Escape Ramps

The idea of an escape ramp is simple. A trapped and frantic animal will swim around the perimeter of a trough, looking for a way out.  The escape ramp is located on the trough side wall to intercept the critter and give them a way out.