Connect this 8 ft trough to your existing plumbed water system, stock tank, or water collection system and provide additional access to water for wildlife, including larger animals such as deer and elk. New 8 ft, 250 gallon capacity trough.  Can be used for wildlife or domestic animals.  Float-Valve is included and is protected under the escape ramp.


Connect To Stock Tank, Storage Tank, Water Line or Collection System.

The Drinker 110 can be installed in-ground or above ground.  Ideal for deer, elk, upland bird and small animals. Connect to a water line and water level is maintained via the included float-valve.  The access/escape ramp gives animals easy access to water and protects the float-valve from moderate freezing and curious animals.  

The built-in 38 degree escape ramp provides two important functions.

  • It gives small animals and critters an easy exit.

  • 110 Gallon Capacity.

  • It helps protect float valve components from curious animals, as well as freezing.


Drinker 310

Drinker-310 Large Capacity

Cost $1275

The Drinker-310 is designed to allow large and small animal access to water.  Scaleable capacity.  Can be used the integrated float-valve system which is protected under the ramp or as part of a "equilibrium system" without a float-valve. Sturdy, reinforced steps and ramp will for elk, deer, bighorn sheep. 

This drinker can be installed above-ground or in-ground.  A heavy-duty galvanized frame is attached to the belly to prevent bulging outward or compaction inward.

Walk-In Drinker - Large Capacity

This walk-in style drinker is designed to be used with large capacity storage tanks and collection roof system to create a 5,000 - 20,000 gallon system.  All large and small animals can access water via steps or ramp. Approx. 5 ft x 8 ft and 4 feet deep.

Drinker-40 New

This versatile drinker is smaller version of our popular Drinker-110.  It has a 40 gallon capacity and includes an integrated float-valve system that is securely located under the escape ramp to protect it from light freezes and curious animals. Includes 8" inspection hatch.

Mini Drinker

The new Mini Drinker is designed to make water available for small animals, birds, bees and even the occasional deer.  Perfect for residential or light ranch use. It’s simple to connect, compact and low maintenance.

The drinking area measures 10” x 16” and has a 2 gallon capacity. The built-in escape ramp gives animals and critters an easy way to access water and a mean of escape.