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Low-Pro Guzzlers NM

These two Low-Pro guzzlers were installed in New Mexico. One guzzler is partially buried to give smaller animals easy access to water at ground level. The water source is rain collection and some filling off a water truck. Pictures courtesy of Kim Pravda.

Timlow-pro 210
Low-Pro San Antonio TX

Three Low-Pro's were installed in San Antonio area.  The interesting feature about this project is the collection roof layout to maximize rainwater collection.  Due to the rocky terraine, this is  an area where an above-ground guzzler is most proctical. 

The total surface area for collection is about 181 sq ft. (guzzler 37 sq ft, roof 144 sq ft) This will result in 113 gallons of water per 1" of rain.

Photos courtesy of Clayton Huebner, Texas

Timlow-pro 210
Low-Pro 210 Texas

This Low-Pro guzzler was placed along side a feeder in a area of Texas that is populated by fallow deer and wild hogs.  Since the hogs tend to feed at night, the feeder was timed to distribute feed to the deer in the morning and late afternoon.   The Low-Pro has a height of 16".  This height tends to act as a natural deterrent to the hogs drinking and disturbing the guzzler.  Pictures courtsey of Jake Marks


Timlow-pro 210
Cactus Rock Texas Low-Pro 210

Two Low Pro-210 were installed to provide water for free range Axis deer in Texas.  Some rainwater is collected naturally by the guzzler rooftop.  Due to sparse rainfall, the guzzlers are periodically filled off a water trailer.  A 2" bulkhead fitting was added to make high-capacity filling quick and easy.  Photos courtesy of Roger Johnson, Texas

Timlow-pro 210