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Little Springs AZ Walk-in Guzzler

Arizona Game and Fish have installed over 150 walk-in style guzzlers throughout Arizona. These high capacity, gravity feed systems range in size from 8,000 to 20,000 gallons and provide critical water for elk, deer, bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, fox and more. The Little Springs system, east of Fredonia AZ, was installed in 2014. See images of the installation here. For more information on the wildlife management efforts of AZGF, visit their website at

TimWalk-In Drinker
Arizona – Picacho Mountains Project
TimWalk-In Drinker
Arizona – Little Springs Point Project

This 10,000 gallon system enhances a 4500 acre habitat area (1.5 miles).  It is a deer wintering range and desert bighorn sheep area on the edge of the Kanab Canyon, approximately 35 miles south of Fredonia, AZ.  The cooperators for this project are Kaibab National Forest, AZ Game and Fish Department and the AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep Society.

Notice how this particular drinker is built into the side-hill and landscape to blend into the environment.

TimWalk-In Drinker