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Drinker-110 & Collection Tank. N. AZ

This drinker and self-contained collection tank were installed in northern Arizona in approximately 2010. It is used extensively by deer and elk as well as general wildlife. The water flow is regulated by the drinker float-valve which is located and protected under the escape ramp. Pictures courtesy of Dan Papez, Nevada.

Drinker-110 Followup From Utah

Andrew Jones of All Predator Calls has sent additional pictures of wildlife at his Drinker-110. Refer to his “Utah Install Tips” in previous post.

Andrew: It's been approx 60 days since we installed our drinker, on our property near Duck Creek, Utah.  The drinker is in clear view (100 yards) from our cabin dinning room table. Wow! What a wildlife magnet! We are averaging 2,500 trail-cam pics a week! (even with a 30 second shutter delay..) Here's a couple pics of the "big guys" who have found our water source..

It has provided hours of enjoyment watching the wildlife. Thanks again for manufacturing  such a fine product.

Drinker-110 Utah Install Project

Andrew Jones of All Predator Calls did a Drinker-110 install with construction blocks to protect against side wall deflection caused by long term soil compaction. He also added a water drain-line for easy winterizing. Beautiful job.

Andrew: We used the 110 drinker and plumbed with a 1 inch water line on the float valve.  We did a "hybrid" install using sacks of concrete with rebar anchors chained to the 110 drinker anchor points, forward and aft concrete blocks anchored with rebar, and installed a drain valve and line for late winter draining (deer and elk migrate out of area because of heavy snow). We also installed a approx 6 inches above grade to minimize dirt and debris from being kicked in by wildlife.   Everything looks and works perfect with no raising of the drinker or distortion of the tank sidewalls despite heavy usage from elk and deer as well as heavy summer rains.

Within a 4-hours of install we had deer using it, now we have visitors all hours day and night.

BLM Roswell NM Drinker-110

BLM has installed two gravity feed drinker systems east of Roswell NM at an elevation of 3800 ft.  The water source for these drinkers are 6000 gallon storage tanks with 40' x 20' catchments.  These large capacity systems provide a long-term, consistent supply of water for mule-deer, pronghorn and various high desert wildlife.  (Note: Drinkers are mounted about 4-6 inches out of the ground. This reduces the amount of dirt being blown into drinker) Photos courtesy of Randy Howard BLM, NM.

Lander Wy Drinker-110

This conservation easement in Lander Wyoming has installed several Drinker-110's to provide water to antelope, deer and bird.  The drinkers are connected to a underground water line and will be drained in the winter time to avoid freezing issues. Photos courtsey of Carolyn Orr. 

Kauai, Hawaii Drinker-110

Several Drinker-110’s are installed in the Waimea Canyon area primarily for pheasant re-population but are also used by quail and geese. The Dept of Land & Natural Resources is now expanding it’s use of drinkers throughout the island of Kauai.

New Mexico, Rio Puerco

The BLM in New Mexico has installed 5 Drinker-110’s.  Both in-ground and above ground.  Pictures courtesy of Joshua Freeman,Wildlife Biologist

Wenatchee, WA

This in-ground installation is plumbed on a water line and also incorporates “heat riser pipe” for ice prevention. Pictures courtesy of Shlomo Freiman.

Elkhorn Slough Ecological Reserve

This California reserve has been focusing on oak woodland restoration and removal of invasive eucalyptus trees. Drinkers and guzzlers are fed by a 1100 gallon tank with a 120 sq ft collection roof system.

Mescalero NM

The Mescalero Conservation Area uses Drinkers and Guzzlers as a way to encourage the elk population to remain in areas away from busy roads and highways.