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U of NM, DT-500 Guzzlers

Dave Menicucci, professor of engineering at the University of NM and his grad students utilized the planning and siting of two DT-500 guzzlers as the subject of their graduation papers. Guzzlers were installed in a wooded area and also near a cabin. Their comprehensive analysis included evaporation, precipitation, wind, animal usage, and capacity. A 26 page draft of one student’s paper can be found at this link.

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San Juan National Forest

The San Juan National Forest, near Pagosa Springs Colorado, added two Dome-Top 500 gallon guzzlers. Installing the guzzlers back-to-back gave them 1000 gallons of storage capacity and two drinking spots. Elk, bear and cougar are some of the regular visitors. Pictures courtesy of Brandy Richardson, Wildlife Biologist.

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NWTF California

The National Wild Turkey Federation, San Diego California members, installed a DT-500.  This guzzler was sprayed camo and included a brush break to give it some cover from a nearby road. 

You can follow NWTF biologist Kevin Vella's blog on this and other projects at 

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BLM & US Army Ft Bliss NM

This guzzler is located on McGregor Range which encompasses over 606,000 acres of co-managed by BLM and the US Army (Ft. Bliss) in south-central New Mexico. The BLM manages the natural resources and the Army uses the area as an active training area. The reflective posts you see in the background are in place to warn soldiers of the guzzler's location so they can avoid driving tanks or other military vehicles over the guzzler. These oryx or gemsbok were introduced from Africa to the White Sands Missile Range in the 1960s by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to provide a unique hunting opportunity in the state. They have since expanded their range throughout southern New Mexico and into far west Texas. 

Photos and commentary courtsey of Steven Torrez, BLM Wildlife Biologist, Las Cruces NM

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UTAH – Dome-Top

This guzzler is 50% below ground, 50% above.  The main concern is to support the sidewalls so that they do not bulge from the water pressure.  You can also support the side with timer or railroad ties if needed.

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Waikoloa & Waikii Hawaii – Wild Donkey Program

Several hundred wild donkeys remain in Hawaii as a reminder of the coffee plantation days. A heritage herd.

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Portolla CA High School

The Junior High Forest Ecology students and teacher Dave Valle installed two Dome-Top Guzzlers on the 12 acre Portola High School Learning Landscape in Plumas County California.

Arizona Guzzler Project

One Dome-Top guzzler with single collection roof 9 x 12=108 sq ft

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Lakeview, OR – Wildlife Land Trust

Photos courtesy of Wildlife Land Trust. Notice the simple but effective collection tarp system, an easy way to collect water over a large area.

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Plumas National Forest - Quincy, CA

Two Dome-Top guzzlers were installed on Moonlight Ridge in the Plumas National Forest in 2013. One year later game cameras showed deer, cougar, and bear.  Pictures courtesy of Plumas NF staff and The Mule Deer Foundation, Quincy CA.

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Elk Guzzler Project - Mescalero, NM

Guzzlers were strategically placed at this conservation area as a way to draw elk away from busy roads. The result has been a dramatic reduction in the number of elk and auto accidents. Photos courtesy of Tyner Cervantes-Chief Conservation Officer Mescalero Conservation Department.

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