Little Springs AZ Walk-in Guzzler

Arizona Game and Fish have installed over 150 walk-in style guzzlers throughout Arizona. These high capacity, gravity feed systems range in size from 8,000 to 20,000 gallons and provide critical water for elk, deer, bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, fox and more. The Little Springs system, east of Fredonia AZ, was installed in 2014. See images of the installation here. For more information on the wildlife management efforts of AZGF, visit their website at

TimDome-Top 500
San Juan National Forest

The San Juan National Forest, near Pagosa Springs Colorado, added two Dome-Top 500 gallon guzzlers. Installing the guzzlers back-to-back gave them 1000 gallons of storage capacity and two drinking spots. Elk, bear and cougar are some of the regular visitors. Pictures courtesy of Brandy Richardson, Wildlife Biologist.

TimDome-Top 500
Drinker-110 Followup From Utah

Andrew Jones of All Predator Calls has sent additional pictures of wildlife at his Drinker-110. Refer to his “Utah Install Tips” in previous post.

Andrew: It's been approx 60 days since we installed our drinker, on our property near Duck Creek, Utah.  The drinker is in clear view (100 yards) from our cabin dinning room table. Wow! What a wildlife magnet! We are averaging 2,500 trail-cam pics a week! (even with a 30 second shutter delay..) Here's a couple pics of the "big guys" who have found our water source..

It has provided hours of enjoyment watching the wildlife. Thanks again for manufacturing  such a fine product.

Drinker-110 Utah Install Project

Andrew Jones of All Predator Calls did a Drinker-110 install with construction blocks to protect against side wall deflection caused by long term soil compaction. He also added a water drain-line for easy winterizing. Beautiful job.

Andrew: We used the 110 drinker and plumbed with a 1 inch water line on the float valve.  We did a "hybrid" install using sacks of concrete with rebar anchors chained to the 110 drinker anchor points, forward and aft concrete blocks anchored with rebar, and installed a drain valve and line for late winter draining (deer and elk migrate out of area because of heavy snow). We also installed a approx 6 inches above grade to minimize dirt and debris from being kicked in by wildlife.   Everything looks and works perfect with no raising of the drinker or distortion of the tank sidewalls despite heavy usage from elk and deer as well as heavy summer rains.

Within a 4-hours of install we had deer using it, now we have visitors all hours day and night.

Drinker-310 Arizona

This Drinker-310 was installed in-ground to provide water for wintering elk as well as local,  year round animals. Water is supplied by a gravity feed from 5, 3000 gallon tanks, with a collection roof system.  Installed in May with followup pictures 6 months later.

Note: The Drinker-310 can be installed either above-ground or in-ground.  It can operate as either a gravity fed system or with a float-valve.

Photos courtesy of Pat and David Lauzon, Arizona

Low-Pro San Antonio TX

Three Low-Pro's were installed in San Antonio area.  The interesting feature about this project is the collection roof layout to maximize rainwater collection.  Due to the rocky terraine, this is  an area where an above-ground guzzler is most proctical. 

The total surface area for collection is about 181 sq ft. (guzzler 37 sq ft, roof 144 sq ft) This will result in 113 gallons of water per 1" of rain.

Photos courtesy of Clayton Huebner, Texas

Timlow-pro 210
Low-Pro 210 Texas

This Low-Pro guzzler was placed along side a feeder in a area of Texas that is populated by fallow deer and wild hogs.  Since the hogs tend to feed at night, the feeder was timed to distribute feed to the deer in the morning and late afternoon.   The Low-Pro has a height of 16".  This height tends to act as a natural deterrent to the hogs drinking and disturbing the guzzler.  Pictures courtsey of Jake Marks


Timlow-pro 210
Collection Roofs

Examples of various of collection roofs.  For more detailed information about each roof setup, click on image, then "mouse over" and information will show in in the caption. 

TimCollection Roofs
Kelly Ranch Escape Ramps

The Melton Ranch installed escape ramps at multiple locations though out the large ranch in New Mexico.  Airport, Hunker N, Hunker Trap, Irrigation and Hunker S. Pictures courtesy of Kelly Melton, NM.

TimEscape Ramp
NWTF California

The National Wild Turkey Federation, San Diego California members, installed a DT-500.  This guzzler was sprayed camo and included a brush break to give it some cover from a nearby road. 

You can follow NWTF biologist Kevin Vella's blog on this and other projects at 

TimDome-Top 500
Cactus Rock Texas Low-Pro 210

Two Low Pro-210 were installed to provide water for free range Axis deer in Texas.  Some rainwater is collected naturally by the guzzler rooftop.  Due to sparse rainfall, the guzzlers are periodically filled off a water trailer.  A 2" bulkhead fitting was added to make high-capacity filling quick and easy.  Photos courtesy of Roger Johnson, Texas

Timlow-pro 210
BLM Roswell NM Drinker-110

BLM has installed two gravity feed drinker systems east of Roswell NM at an elevation of 3800 ft.  The water source for these drinkers are 6000 gallon storage tanks with 40' x 20' catchments.  These large capacity systems provide a long-term, consistent supply of water for mule-deer, pronghorn and various high desert wildlife.  (Note: Drinkers are mounted about 4-6 inches out of the ground. This reduces the amount of dirt being blown into drinker) Photos courtesy of Randy Howard BLM, NM.

Kaibab Paiute DT-1000

Six DT-1000 were installed at various location on the Kaibab Paiute reservation in Arizona. Sites generally consisted of sandy soil.  To minimize disturbance to the surrounding environment, guzzlers were carried to the final site and holes were carefully dug by hand.  Game cameras have been put into place to monitor wildlife activity.  Photos Courtesy of  Danny Bullets Jr and Kaibab Paiute Tribe AZ.

TimDome-Top 1000
Oregon Trough-250 with Block Frame

Trough-250's have been framed in with cider blocks to accommodate constant use by horses or other large animals.  Animals can easily drink over the side yet are prevented from working on the trough and stepping into the trough.  Plans for the block frame are available for download on the Trough-250 web page.  Photos courtesy of Dan Price.

TimTrough 250
Arizona Trough 250

Trough-250's located in Arizona.  Each trough has two sets of threaded fittings to allow the tanks to be connected in series.  The float valve is located on the last tank. Photos courtesy of  Bill Conway AZ.

TimTrough 250
Cat Creek Tank - BLM Idaho

The Cat Creek water storage tank is 48 ft in diameter and 6 ft deep.  BLM biologist Bruce Schoeberl determined that positioning three deep tanks ramps would provide bats, birds and wildlife a safe exit from the tank.  

TimEscape Ramp
BLM & US Army Ft Bliss NM

This guzzler is located on McGregor Range which encompasses over 606,000 acres of co-managed by BLM and the US Army (Ft. Bliss) in south-central New Mexico. The BLM manages the natural resources and the Army uses the area as an active training area. The reflective posts you see in the background are in place to warn soldiers of the guzzler's location so they can avoid driving tanks or other military vehicles over the guzzler. These oryx or gemsbok were introduced from Africa to the White Sands Missile Range in the 1960s by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to provide a unique hunting opportunity in the state. They have since expanded their range throughout southern New Mexico and into far west Texas. 

Photos and commentary courtsey of Steven Torrez, BLM Wildlife Biologist, Las Cruces NM

TimDome-Top 500
Lander Wy Drinker-110

This conservation easement in Lander Wyoming has installed several Drinker-110's to provide water to antelope, deer and bird.  The drinkers are connected to a underground water line and will be drained in the winter time to avoid freezing issues. Photos courtsey of Carolyn Orr. 

Colorado DT-1000

This remote guzzler installation was a joint effort between White River National Forest and Colorado Parks & Wildlife personnel.  The project included the demolition of a non-functional, 20 year old guzzler in Dry Fork Kimball Creek.  To prepare the site, they cut, sprayed, and removed the brush and trees all around the guzzler to improve sight distances for sheep and allow helicopter removal of the old guzzler.   

Huge thank you's go to Kim Potter & Natasha Goedert (WRNF) for the planning, money and chemicals; to Rifle White River fire crew for their incredibly efficient brush and timber removal and willingness to change plans on the fly, and to Ivan, Levi, Layton, and Travis (CPW) for packing all the materials in and helping with demolition and brush removal.  It was a fun, gnat-free day!  

Thank you Stephanie Durno, Wildlife Biologist, Grand Junction CO for the coordination, pictures and commentary!

TimDome-Top 1000
Ant Hill Tank - BLM Idaho

This 52 ft diameter, 8 ft deep water storage tank, located 60 miles outside of Boise, is known as the Ant Hill water tank.  The Bruneau field office of the BLM determined that due to the large large size, positioning three deep tank escape ramp systems would provide birds, bats and critters a safe means of escape if trapped in the tank.  Theses ramps will intercept stranded animals swimming in either direction and give them an easy way out of the tank.   

Project supervised by Bruce Schoeberl, BLM Wildlife Biologist, Bruneau Idaho Field Office

TimEscape Ramp