Walk-In Drinker

Walk-In Drinker



  • Drinker Capacity: 350 Gallons
  • 3″ Water Line-in Bulkhead Fitting
  • Material: Thick Wall, Durable Polyethylene
  • Construction: Double Wall Uni-body
  • Partially Filled with 2lb Foam and Stiffening Stringers
  • Weight:  approx 530 Lbs.
  • Dimensions:  L 92″ x W 58″ x H 44″
  • Steps Ready to Accept Common 12″ x 12″ Cement Pavers. (not included)
  • Built-in Access & Escape Ramp. 32 Degrees
  • Stack-able for Easy Transport
  • Forklift Slots & Lifting Rings
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A Drinker for Large Capacity Wildlife Watering Systems

Designed for Elk, Big Horn Sheep, and Deer

Connect this large Walk-In style drinker to your external storage tanks to give all animals, large and small, easy access to large volumes of water. Everything about this drinker is designed for high capacity, low maintenance and long life in remote locations.

The 300-gallon capacity drinker is fed by a 3″ water line for maximum flow.  An open drinking area of 4 ft by 8 ft gives the largest of animals ample clearance.   Stairs and ramp have an easy 32 degree slope down into the 44″ deep reservoir.


Double Wall Construction – Durable Polyethylene Shell

The shell is made of industrial grade polyethylene which is molded into a double-wall construction that periodically “bridges” the inside and outside walls internally to form a uni-body shell.  The sidewalls and floor are then filled with 2 lb structural foam and stiffening stringers that produces maximum strength and a solid feel.

The steps are configured to accept cement pavers to provide secure footing when animals are stepping down to water level. (commonly available 12″ x 12″pavers are not included.  No point in shipping 280 lbs of cement).

Another important feature is the escape ramp which gives smaller animals such as the desert tortoise and other reptiles a means of access and escape.

Arizona newspaper "Gila Herald" dated August 12th 2018. Gives overview of the water catchment efforts of Arizona Game and Fish. Arizona maintains thousands of water catchments to ensure healthy wildlife populations.


New YouTube Video of Two Arizona Installations


Installation is generally done by a backhoe.  One hole is dug for the drinker and a trench is dug for the 3″ water line. We include a threaded 3″ bulkhead fitting for standard PVC pipe.

When installing this equilibrium system, the drinker and water storage tanks are set at the same elevation. This eliminates the need for float-valves which is beneficial for remote locations.  Over time, this system is dependable and requires less maintenance.

Click for PDF Spec Sheet

Click for PDF Spec Sheet


Site Layout and Tank Information


About The Walk-In Drinker and Equilibrium Systems

High capacity watering systems of this type have been successfully used for over 25 years in many regions including Arizona.  It generally consists of a large collection roof system that fills multiple storage tanks and can range from 5,000-22,000 gallons.  In many of these big systems, the storage tanks and drinker are the same height and the same elevation so the water level will naturally equalize.  As such, they are known as “equilibrium systems” and do not require float valves.  These simple, proven systems require less maintenance and are more dependable in remote areas.  More information on setting up a Equilibrium System.