Mini Drinker - Available June 2019

Mini Drinker - Available June 2019


Size 21" x 17" x 6" 

Capacity 2 Gallons

Includes Float Valve 

Weight 8 lbs

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Available June 2019

The new Mini Drinker is designed to make water available for small animals, birds, bees and even the occasional deer.  Perfect for residential or light ranch use. It’s simple to connect, compact and low maintenance.

The drinking area measures 10” x 16” and has a 2 gallon capacity. The built-in escape ramp gives animals and critters an easy way to access water and a mean of escape.

The adjustable float-valve is located in it’s own compartment to eliminate tampering by curious animals. The effective operating range of the valve is from 5-60 PSI. It can easily be connected to a standard garden hose, a more permanent water line or even a gravity fed rain-barrel or storage tank.

The dish consists of a double-walled shell made of durable polyethylene with UV inhibitors to withstand long-term exposure to sun and freezing. 

To keep the help keep the Mini-Drinker in place, the internal cavity can be filled with sand or gravel through the 2” fill-port..

The total package weighs 8 lbs. To order, give us a call. 360-739-6361 Available June 2019