Drinker 310

Drinker 310


The Drinker-310 is large capacity walk-in style drinker.  For large and small animals. 

  • Reinforced Traction Steps

  • Aggressive Sidewall Ribs

  • Galvanized Steel Strut Frame

  • Built-In Escape Ramp


  • Weight 200 Lbs

  • Capacity 310 Gallons

  • Use With Float-Valve or Within A Equilibrium System

  • 80" x 42" x 26" Deep

  • Install In-Ground or Above Ground

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Heavy Duty Versatility

This versatile, heavy duty drinker is built for frequent use and will accommodate all large and small animals including elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep and bats.  

Use With or Without Float-Valve. The 26" depth of this drinker allows it to be connected to a larger tank as part of a free flow, "equilibrium" system, thus eliminating any float-valves.  A large,  2" Banjo bulk-head fitting is used for durability and maximum water flow. This simplifies maintenance and reduces complications from freezing.  More information on setting up an Equilibrium System.

You may also choose to connect directly to a water line-in and use the integrated float-valve system.  The float-valve is located under the ramp to help protect it against moderate freezes and tampering by curious animals.  

Install Above-Ground or In-Ground.  The Drinker-310 is designed to install either above-ground or directly in-ground. Heavy-duty ribs and a 12-gauge, galvanized "Belly Frame" has been incorporated to address bulging outward from water pressure or inward pressure from ground compaction.

Your choice of Plumbing Options. Choose Either:

  • 2" Banjo bulk-head fitting for high capacity equilibrium water flow.

  • Or, a standard float-valve system.