Availability October 2018

Dimensions 36" x 24" x 16"

Weight 35 lbs

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This versatile drinker is a smaller version of our popular Drinker-110.  It has a 40-gallon capacity and includes an integrated float-valve system that is securely located under the escape ramp to protect it from light freezes and curious animals. Includes 8" inspection hatch. 

The Drinker-40 can easily be connected to a water line or garden hose to provide water for a wide variety of animals including deer, horses, upland bird, etc.  Drinking area is 26" x 17" and 16" deep.  

Made of heavy-duty polyethylene with UV inhibitors. Weight is 35 lbs. Can be installed in the ground or above the ground. 

The Drinker-40 can ship by standard UPS or FedEx as opposed to freight. Anticipated availability is October 2018.