Drip Dish - NEW

Drip Dish - NEW


Size 21" x 17" x 6" 

Capacity 2 Gallons

Includes Drip Valve System 

Weight 8 lbs

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The new Drip Dish is designed to provide a slow, constant drip of water for small animals, birds and bees.  The built-in divider enables you to segregate the dish into two different drinking zones for various animals, birds and reptiles.  One side can be filled with rocks while the other can remain open water.  The built-in escape ramp gives animals and critters an easy means of access and escape.

The integrated drip system is made of a durable needle-valve that allows you to fine-tune the water drip. The Drip-Dish can be easily hook up with a standard hose and will handle a 2-80 PSI.  You can also attach to a rain barrel water supply.

The dish consists of a double-walled shell made of durable polyethylene with UV inhibitors to withstand long-term exposure to sun and freezing. 

To keep the Drip-Dish in place, you can easily fill the internal cavity with sand or gravel through the 2” fill-port located on the side.

The total package weighs 8 lbs. Single units are shipped by FedEx Ground. To order, give us a call. 360-739-6361