Drip Dish

Drip Dish


Size 24" x 24" x 6" 

Capacity 5 Gallons

Includes Drip Valve System 

Weight 12 lbs

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Available July 2018 - Contact us for more information or if you wish to pre-order.

The new Drip Dish is designed especially for small animals and birds.  A built-in divider allows you to segregate the dish into two different zones.  One with open water and one with rocks.  The built-in escape ramp gives animals and critters an easy way out of the tank. 

The integrated drip system is made of a high-quality needle-valve for durability and fine-tune adjusts of water drip.  Easy to hook up to a standard hose or pipe fitting ranging from 5 to 80 PSI. 

The dish is made of double-walled polyethylene that has UV inhibitors to withstand long-term exposure to sun and freezing.  Fill with sand or gravel to give the dish extra weight.  Dish can also be attached to T-post using the embedded threadded inserts.